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What is RskNFT?

RskNFT is an all-encompassing platform that serves a dual purpose.

RskNFT provides users with a user-friendly and comprehensive platform to effortlessly create, deploy, and manage their NFT collections and communities. Best of all, this platform is available to users completely free of charge and offers advanced functionalities to enhance the NFT creation experience.RskNFT introduces a groundbreaking paradigm of DeFi NFTs through the integration of staking and burn-to-withdraw mechanisms. With RskNFT, concerns about scams and questionable projects become a thing of the past.

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Four Key Pillars of RskNFT Creation Process


RskNFT provides an intuitive interface for creating stunning NFT artwork with ease, set metadata and upload collection to IPFS free of charge.

Contract and DeFi settings

Define essential collection characteristics and DeFi parameters to optimize value generation and align with your strategies.


Deploy NFT contracts on the ROOTSTOCK chain with low fees and advanced features like random minting and upgradeable contracts.


Efficiently manage collections, nurture community, and engage with users through custom subdomains and interactive widgets.


Key Aspects of RskNFT


RskNFT introduces a "burn-to-withdraw" mechanism where users can reclaim their investment. Factors such as duration of NFT hold, order of burn, time passed, and penalties/fees influence the refund amount. Users are incentivized to hold their NFTs longer, benefit from reduced penalties, and receive rewards from early burners. Careful consideration of these factors allows users to strategically optimize returns and enhance confidence and liquidity within the ecosystem.


RskNFT leverages Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) to offer a high APY for NFT holders. This unique integration allows NFTs to appreciate in value over time through staking and reinvestment. By aligning interests and rewarding user participation, RskNFT fosters an engaged community that actively supports and enhances the platform's success. With RskNFT, users can enjoy their NFTs while generating additional income and boosting the value of their digital assets.

Early-Burning Penalties

RskNFT introduces a nuanced early-burning penalty system that incentivizes long-term NFT ownership. Penalties reduce over time, encouraging users to hold onto their NFTs. The order of NFT burnings also affects penalties, with early burners facing higher penalties. Late burners are rewarded with a portion of early burners penalties and ecosystem-generated yields, fostering a sustainable ecosystem and community engagement.

Unlimited Minting Price

RskNFT revolutionizes NFT minting with flexible minting prices and proportional stakes. Users can set their own minting price within a range, allowing for higher-priced NFTs. The proportional stakes system ensures fair distribution, regardless of entry time, fostering a balanced ownership and value structure. Additionally, collection owners can adjust prices without penalizing current owners, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Reusing Burned NFTs

RskNFT introduces an innovative concept: burned NFTs can be resurrected and reused, retaining their unique attributes. This allows creators to reintroduce popular NFTs, breathe new life into collections, and engage the community. This enhances economic value, liquidity, and sustainability within RskNFT.

Benefits of RskNFT

Benefits for Creators

  • ✅ No more low floor prices
  • ✅ Enhanced Marketability
  • ✅ Royalties from Secondary Sales
  • ✅ Optional Commission from Mints
  • ✅ Innovation and Differentiation

Revamping RSK ecosystem

  • ROOTSTOCK High value as collateral
  • ROOTSTOCK Risk zero lending
  • ROOTSTOCK Revamp NFT marketplaces
  • ROOTSTOCK New ERC-721 standard extension
  • ROOTSTOCK Increase security

Benefits for Collectors

  • ✅ Intrinsic Economic Value
  • ✅ Reduced Risk and Increased Trust
  • ✅ Opportunity for Yield Generation
  • ✅ Refund Mechanism
  • ✅ Integration with Marketplaces and dApps
Through its revolutionary features, RskNFT actively contributes to the evolution and revitalization of the ROOTSTOCK ecosystem, creating a dynamic and secure environment that enables users to explore new possibilities, maximize their assets, and drive the future growth of the network.
Frequently asked questions
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    • What is the concept of combining NFTs and DeFi?

      The concept involves utilizing "burn-to-withdraw" and staking options to create NFTs that have intrinsic economic value in addition to their artwork and community aspects. By establishing a synergy between the NFTs' value and their inherent value through staking, we aim to provide a unique and valuable experience.

    • How does the "burn-to-withdraw" feature work?

      The "burn-to-withdraw" feature allows NFT holders to burn their NFTs and receive a refund. The amount refunded depends on the timing of the burn. Early burners receive at least 80% of the initial price paid, while late burners receive a higher amount that includes the rewards generated through staking. This incentivizes users to hold onto their NFTs and delay the burn process to maximize their returns.

    • What's the NFT I receive when I deploy a collection?

      The collection ownership is determined by an NFT we mint for you once you mint the collection. To transfer the ownership of the collection is as simple as transferring your ownership NFT.

    • How does the project ensure the NFTs have real value?

      The NFTs in the collection have real value due to the "burn-to-withdraw" feature. This means that the floor price of the NFTs should not be lower than the actual value that can be withdrawn from them. By incorporating this mechanism, we aim to provide a tangible economic value to the NFTs beyond their aesthetic and community aspects.

    • What benefits does the collection owner accrue?

      The collection owner can benefit from secondary sales through royalties. Additionally, they have the option to earn a commission from every mint, up to a maximum of 10%. The generated yield from the collection can also be distributed among the holders, providing an opportunity for the collection owner to receive a commission as well.

    • What networks/blockchains are supported?

      Currently, we support ROOTSTOCK Testnet. We plan to increase the support to ROOTSTOCK Mainnet, stay tuned!

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